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Although graduated, you are still a vital part of our community. FWC alumni offer a powerful network of men, women, and their families who are leaders for Christ in our businesses and communities throughout the world.

We are here to help connect through alumni events, networking programs, and communications, and to act as a resource for any questions that may arise. Attend one of our events, mentor a student or communicate with your classmates, and see how FWC can continue to enrich your life.

Alumni of the Year

1986-1987 Dr. Kelly Felps
1987-1988 Ann Bankes
1988-1989 John Michener
1989-1990 Donna Davis
1990-1991 Jeanette Cruce
1991-1992 Jay Bailey
1992-1993 Lance Barrow
1993-1994 Suzanne Johnson Fox
1994-1995 James Bankes
1995-1996 Bobby Duke
1996-1997 Peter Setimela
1997-1998 Mark Barrow
1998-1999 Mark Samsill
1999-2000 Mark Woodward
2000-2001 Peggy Hunt
2001-2002 Keith Alexander
2002-2003 Kevin Walters
2003-2004 Kelli Goodrum
2004-2005 Jenni New
2005-2006 Curtis Fuller
2006-2007 Nika Maples
2007-2008 Kelly Jeffrey Vaughn
2008-2009 Roy Deaver, Jr.
2009-2010 Sue Baldwin
2010-2011 Stephen Bailey
2011-2012 Jan Blackburn
2012-2013 Marva Riddle
2013-2014 Jimmy Paul
2014-2015 Gay Walters
2015-2016 Mark McKinney
2016-2017 Len Wade
2017-2018 Becky Jeffrey Brooks 
2018-2019 Brad Leffler '92
2019-2020 Eric Freeby '98