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Planned Giving and Estate Planning

You can make a life-changing impact on the future by remembering Fort Worth Christian in your estate plan or other major gifts. Your gifts can help transform the lives of students both now and for generations to come.  Planned giving also offers you more immediate benefits, including tax advantages and additional income for your retirement years, while still benefiting FWC and the students we serve. 

The FWC Legacy Society honors those who have included FWC in their estate plans.  Please contact us if you have already included FWC in your estate plans or if you are considering doing so in the future.  We will be glad to meet with you to discuss planned giving and estate planning strategies that work best for you and your family. We can also work with your financial planning, tax or legal advisers to develop a plan tailored to your needs.  Please contact Assistant Head of School, Kinch Cato at or 817-520-6534 to visit about planned giving opportunities.


One of the simplest strategies is to add FWC to your will, bequest or trust documents. You can choose to leave FWC a percentage, a specific dollar amount, specific pieces of property, or the residual of your estate after providing for your heirs.  


Charitable Lead Trusts are used to transfer assets to loved ones and reduce gift and estate taxes by a significant amount or eliminate them entirely. These trusts also allow you to provide immediate support to FWC each year for a specific time period—either a person’s life or a term of years. Then the asset reverts back to the family or hiers. 

A charitable remainder trust provides for annual income to you or another person you designate for life or a specified period of time, after which the remainder of the trust is left to FWC. The donor may receive significant tax benefits, especially when donating appreciated assets.

Naming FWC as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k) or other qualified retirement accounts may provide tax benefits for your estate. If you are age 70 1/2 or older, you may also qualify to donate some or all of the annual Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your retirement accounts to a charity such as Fort Worth Christian.

You can help support FWC by gifting real estate, stocks, and other securities that may provide significant tax benefits.  Donating appreciated securities can reduce or eliminate the capital gains tax as well as other tax benefits.