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Each year FWC recognizes the leadership donors who have given at the highest levels during the school year. FWC is grateful for this generosity that is essential in advancing the school’s mission. We welcome opportunities to develop closer relationship with these supporters and the school. Leadership giving at FWC includes the generous gifts made annually by some of FWC’s most devoted parents, alumni, and friends. Leadership giving at FWC is recognized at four levels:

  • BENEFACTORS  - $10,000+ 
  • PARTNERS  - $5,000 – 9,999 
  • AMBASSADORS  - $2,500 – 4,999
  • MEMBERS - $1,000 – 2,499

Recognition is based on the total amount of gifts and pledge payments made in the fiscal year (Aug 1 – July 31). Payments to Booster Club or Auction or other FWC groups for which there is a value exchange (advertising, experience/meal, goods/services, etc.) are very much appreciated but may not be included in the Leadership Giving levels. 

These donors exemplify the selfless commitment and dedication of those who have built Fort Worth Christian into the outstanding institution it is today, and those who want to preserve and continue its mission for tomorrow. This steadfast support of the school is perpetuated annually through leadership giving. We are truly grateful for the vision and loyalty of these outstanding FWC supporters!



Annual Giving Gifts are Tax-Deductible
To the fullest extent of the law, gifts to the Annual Giving Campaign are tax-deductible, unlike tuition payments. This is a significant reason why an Annual Giving Campaign exists as opposed to simply raising tuition.  

Gift Frequency
You may wish to join the Annual Giving Campaign with a single gift in the fall, a monthly gift over the next 10 months, or you may be able to give multiple gifts as the Lord provides. In last year's Annual Fund, there were both large and small donations, single donations, as well as individuals who gave at the launch of the campaign only to want to give again later. Gifts can be given via check at the front desk of the Norton Administration Building or online.