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FWC Cardinal Choirs continue the tradition of excellence through our award winning vocal program while providing every choir member with the tools they need to be independent musicians beyond their time in the choir room. Choir is an academic, curricular course with extracurricular opportunities and requirements, such as concerts, field trips, and social events.  In addition to learning the fundamentals of reading music and preparing for the next level of competition, each student learns to appreciate what choral music internally has to offer while simultaneously learning the proper choral techniques necessary to produce an advanced level of musicality imperative at the collegiate level.

The FWC Choir program focuses on deepening and improving the God-given musical talents of each member. This is the basis for everything that is taught and is the guideline behind this program’s philosophy. Being a part of a performing ensemble is different from almost any other course. Performing in a choir ensemble can serve as a stepping-stone as it builds confidence in each student by challenging him or her to face a fear that so many of us have while in the support of an ensemble. Students are taught to look beyond their own voice and learn how to blend, match pitch as well as match the group dynamics. There are also opportunities to shine as an individual singer through competition in a region / state setting or a solo event.

The FWC Choral program offers the following courses:

  • 3rd-5th grade Honor Choir (auditions at start of school year)
  • 5th grade Choir
  • Middle School Choir
  • Upper School Mixed Choir

Each vocal music course is designed for students who have a desire to learn and perform music through singing. The goals of the FWC Choir course include teaching students the fundamentals of choral music, helping create independence while learning and singing music in an ensemble, and developing confident singers with an appreciation for music. 

My deep hope for my students is that they recognize their unique God-given abilities and understand their value as a part of God’s story and use their talents to encourage others while spreading His love to our community and wherever God’s path takes them. There is a place for all vocal musicians here, and I look forward to helping our students find their voice." - Mary McCracken, Director