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Our cross country teams are competitive teams that seeks to pursue Christ through the physical, mental, and emotional demands of cross-country training and racing. We believe we are God’s handiwork and that He has gifted each athlete with unique talents both on and off the course to be developed over the course of seasons; it is the coming together of talents and passions from each athlete that contributes to the fabric of each unique team.

We believe cross-country mimics God’s call on our lives to step out in faith, do hard things and be vulnerable and open to His leading. Running is hard, but it is rewarding. It builds us up by breaking us down. It is not a sport of instant gratification, rather a sport that has a unique journey for each athlete and team.

Training cycles and competition schedules are intentionally set up to provide each runner with opportunities for development in the sport including middle school, upper school, JV and varsity alike. Each season builds on the one before; we design training that starts in the 6th grade and intensifies through the senior year.

Understanding well the importance of the journey as not just a means to an end, but a journey that itself is important in the end; we strive as coaches to partner with parents, walk beside athletes and create bonds of trust and mutual respect for each relationship. Furthermore, as athletes connect more deeply with each other during shared experiences of training and racing, we encourage these relationships to become the building blocks for our Christ-centered community, personal growth, spiritual maturity, and broader perspectives. These experiences are fuel for Christian leadership and service. We are committed to the journey.

Team Scripture

Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17