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"Our family has been a part of the FWC family for several years now. Our children are now a senior and sophomore and have excelled at FWC. It has been a wonderful school for our family and it has provided both of our children an environment in which they have thrived in from both an academic and athletic standpoint. We would highly recommend FWC."

- Kellie Stuart, Roanoke

“We love our school and our family at FWC! If you are looking for a private Christian school please look here. Like every school there are ups and downs. Change is here and we can't wait to see what God has in store for our Cardinals!"

- Emily Carter, Southlake

"When we moved to this area we were looking for small class sizes, an environment that would challenge our girls academically and allow them to try new activities. We found all this and more at FWC and after 9 years we couldn't be more pleased. Especially as of late when our school was blessed with a true academic Christian to guide and shape our school. Our girls have grown and flourished here and they have tried so many new things. My youngest daughter even tried drill team this year and has loved every minute of it and she's new to dancing. She never could do that a big school! When this school talks about community they really mean it. We have felt and seen the love of the teachers, the staff and the other students. My girls have both felt safe and loved here. The wonderful daily chapels and bible classes are icing on the cake for us. They help to share sound morals and values and ask the kids to serve others and their community. The Bible trips both local and overseas are well done and so impactful. All in all, this is an excellent college prep school that your children can become better people at and explore new opportunities at."

- Jen Staid, Colleyville


Important Dates

  • February 3: Enrollment opens for current students
  • February 18: Enrollment opens for new students
  • May 31: Tuition is due in full or a payment plan (managed through FACTS) established
  • If enrolling after May 31, tuition is due or a payment plan established ten days after enrollment date.


2019-20 Tuition and Fees Schedule

Preschool (5 Day): $8,850
PreKindergarten (3 Day): $4,450
PreKindergarten (5 Day): $7,400
Kindergarten: $10,600
1st Grade: $13,450
2nd Grade: $13,450
3rd Grade: $13,800
4th Grade: $13,800
5th Grade: $13,800

6th Grade: $15,000
7th Grade: $15,325
8th Grade: $15,325

9th Grade: $16,900
10th Grade: $16,900
11th Grade: $17,050
12th Grade: $17,050

Annual Enrollment Fee (non-refundable): $500 per student
New Admission Application Fee: $200 per student
New Admission Facility Fee (Grades K-11): $3,000 per family
Payment Plan Fee: 4% of tuition amount paid through the payment plan
Cardinal Learning Center Fee: $500 per semester

International Application Fee: $700 per student
International Student Fee: $4,000 per student

  • For multiple students in the same immediate family, the student in the highest grade pays full tuition, the student in the next highest grade receives a 5% discount, all additional students receive a 10% discount.
  • Need-based financial aid is available through an application process. Please see Financial Aid page for additional information.
  • Payment plans are available and managed through FACTS
  • Tuition and fees are due in full May 31, or 10 days after enrollment, whichever is later. Withdrawal notification must be provided to the school by May 31, 2020 (or applicable tuition date if enrolling after May 31) to be released from the tuition contract. For withdrawals after the tuition due date, the full tuition contract is due.