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Application Process

Step 1: Mission Assessment
At Fort Worth Christian, we are eager to partner with parents who will support the mission, vision, and values of the school. You can find our Mission, Vision, and Values on our About page to ensure you are on board with what we are doing at FWC. These are our guiding principles that inform our curriculum development, our classroom instruction, our discipline policy, how we recognize success among our staff and students, and the core values Fort Worth Christian will speak into your family as we partner with you. If you value this kind of partnership with a school, FWC might be the place for you!

Step 2: Talk with us!
We encourage you to review our Mission, Vision, and Values.  As well, please review our social media which offers a daily glimpse into the life of FWC (see links on the bottom of our page). As you get excited about being a Cardinal, contact Admissions to plan a visit to FWC.

Step 3: Apply
Begin your application online. You will need to create an account and then create a new student application. In addition to basic student and current school information, you will also include immunization records, previous report cards, achievement test results, and applicable transcripts (9th-12th). You will also have an opportunity to review our handbook, understand our substance abuse policy, and submit requests for recommendations. Our Admissions Team will work with you along the way to ensure all necessary documents are in place. Due at this time will be an application fee (the academic assessment fee is included).

Step 4: Academic Assessment and Drug Screening
Assessment: FWC requires an age-appropriate academic success assessment for all applicants. This is not a pass-fail entry test; rather, this assessment offers our Admissions Committee the best evaluation of your child’s current educational achievement. For grades 2-12, in addition to the computer test of mathematics and reading, we will ask the student to write a short essay to be completed in a comfortable, private environment. Again, this is not meant to intimidate your child or make them overly nervous. We just want to know as much about your child as we can during this admissions process.
Drug Screening: 
All new students applying for enrollment into the 9th-12th grades will be required to submit to a drug screening prior to being considered for admission. FWC covers the cost of this screening for you. Official results of the drug screening, administered by an approved and an FWC-authorized facility will be provided to FWC within the time specified by the administration. The Admissions Team will issue you the appropriate drug screening paperwork and information so you will know where and when to go.

Step 5: Interview and Decision
Interview: Once the application file and academic assessment are complete, the file will be advanced to the appropriate division to schedule the admissions interview. For students applying for grades PK4-5th Grade, the admissions interview will consist of the division head and the parents*.  For students applying for grades 6–12, the interview process will include the student by her/himself as well as a parent meeting. In most cases, we may schedule your interview in person, via telephone, or via Zoom. *When parents are joint conservators, those with educational rights will be invited to participate in the interview as part of the admissions process.
Decision: The Enrollment Committee meets regularly to review each admission decision. In a prayerful and thoughtful review of each student, we ask for wisdom and discernment about whether or not FWC will be the best fit for each student and vice versa. Sometimes, additional information is needed (relating to academics, behavior, or other history) which can extend the decision-making time. Because we know parents and students are eager to know one way or another, we do our very best to get a response to each family as soon as possible. Our Admissions Team can give you a status update at any time in the process. Once a positive admission decision has been reached, the family is notified by phone. Decline decisions are most often notified by mail. 

Step 6: Acceptance
Congratulations -  you are a Cardinal!
When a student is accepted, the family may also choose to apply for tuition assistance.
You may now complete online enrollment, including the payment of the enrollment fee.
Each new family will need to arrange for payment of tuition.
Depending on the time of year you enroll, the family will attend an orientation session.
Welcome to the FWC family!