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The mission of the Cardinal Learning Center is to support students who are identified as having a learning difference that directly impacts their ability to access the academic curriculum. As an academically rigorous, college preparatory school, Fort Worth Christian offers basic accommodations in the Learning Center. The accommodations are in place to support and develop each student’s unique potential, while at the same time, holding true to the academic and spiritual mission of the school. Accommodations are selected based on the student’s specific diagnosed learning difference. In addition, the Cardinal Learning Center staff monitors student academic progress, provides support for the classroom teachers, and serves as a liaison and collaborator between the student, teacher, and family. There are three Learning Labs. Once each in Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School. In each lab, we have a Program Facilitator who manages and implements the daily activities of the lab. We love empowering all of our students to be the most successful students that they can be.