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Cardinal Learning Center Mission Statement

The mission of the Cardinal Learning Center is to support students who have been identified as having a learning difference that directly impacts their ability to access the academic curriculum.  As an academically rigorous college preparatory school, Fort Worth Christian offers basic accommodations in the divisional learning centers to support and develop each student’s unique potential while, at the same time, holding true to the academic and spiritual mission of the school. 


Requirements for Program Consideration

  1. Complete the referral process
  2. Provide current and valid testing/diagnostic information 
  3. Agree to understanding of fee for program enrollment



Common Accommodations and Services Provided

When choosing individual accommodations, consideration is given to accommodations that will be allowed and are possible at the college level and on entrance level testing, such as the SAT and ACT.  Fort Worth Christian offers basic in-lab accommodations to students who qualify for the program; however, the curriculum and assignments are not modified.

  • Quiet space to test/quiz
  • Extended time on tests/quizzes (up to time and a half)
  • Frequent breaks during time allowed
  • Small group testing
  • Preferential seating
  • Testing read-aloud for clarification as needed
  • Audio books
  • Enlarged font/print
  • Blood sugar check before tests
  • Formal individual accommodation plan
  • Academic monitoring
  • Standardized testing administration
  • Student and parent advocacy


Important Definitions and Distinctions

Accommodations - Tools and procedures that provide equal access to instruction and assessment for a student.  Accommodations level the playing field for students by reducing or eliminating the effects of the student’s learning difference.  There is no change or reduction in curriculum expectations.  

Modifications - Content or assignments are altered so that the learned material and/or grading differs from the rest of the program.  The instructional level or number of key concepts to be mastered is changed or reduced. Students are not expected to master the same academic content as others in the class.  Modifications are part of a special education plan.