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Teaching For Transformation

Our deep hope is that the FWC community shines Christ’s light as we ALL grow in Him and reflect our Creator to one another.

At Fort Worth Christian, we embrace an educational framework known as Teaching for Transformation.

This unique approach ensures that your child's daily encounters at FWC are not merely about learning facts, but about a profound transformation of their hearts and minds. By weaving God's story into every aspect of their experiences, they are encouraged to see the divine narrative in everything and everyone around them.

Teaching for Transformation extends far beyond the confines of the classroom. It permeates every moment of your child's school day, be it during morning recess, while grasping a new math concept, honing their skills for a band performance, or competing in athletics. Every activity becomes an opportunity for growth and deeper connection with the world around them.


Deep Hope represents why a teacher followed the call to teach at Fort Worth Christian School. It aligns with the desires that you as parents have for your children when you enroll them in our school. It reflects the promises contained within the school’s mission and vision statement and points to God's Story. Within Teaching for Transformation, it is the first question the teacher asks when designing learning experiences for their students: "What is my deep hope?" It is the North Star that guides both teachers and students on their learning journey at Fort Worth Christian.



Once teachers and students are invited to see the story, a TfT classroom provides opportunities for learners to live the story. Formational Learning Experiences (FLEx) are opportunities for the learner to engage in "real work that meets a real need for real people", allowing them to respond to God's call to be active, restorative and creative in His story of redeeming love.
It is through the practice of engaging in meaningful school work that the student forms a vision and desire to live within God's story. As engagement and motivation increase, so does a student's mastery of curricular content.



Within Teaching for Transformation's framework, the learning of every classroom is rooted in a compelling vision of the kingdom. The fundamental purpose of the core practice storyline is to connect the learning and the learners to God's story.

Using language and imagery that connects both to the curriculum and the kingdom story, Storyline ensures learners see the story that invites them to be a part of how God is making all things new. 



At FWC, formational learning experiences push beyond mastery of curriculum. They form habits of living and shape who we are. Throughlines are discipleship habits and practices that help students, teachers and parents imagine what it means to be a disciple within God's story. They articulate a vision of how our school's graduates will live.

So, as learners are provided opportunities to engage in real work, they are given direction on how to engage--as beauty creators, for example. The practice of our ten throughlines shapes the learning and sparks a desire within the learners to actively play their role in the formation of culture.