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Lower School

In Lower School, our deep hope is to develop independent thinkers who enjoy learning as they discover God’s truths about themselves and the world around them. Our teachers are all followers of Christ who worship Jesus and love their students. With small class sizes, FWC students are known, loved, and valued by qualified faculty in an academic setting designed to foster discovery, imagination, and critical thinking. 

Our teachers are innovative. Whether it is live-streaming the hatching of baby chicks in 1st grade, teaching the memorization of the armor of God from Ephesians 6 in 2nd grade, or conducting wildly memorable science experiments in 4th grade, our PK through 5th grade faculty employ a diverse curriculum to inspire learning. They will also pray with your child in class, talk to them about God’s story, and encourage them in their faith while challenging them in the core subject areas. Your child will be challenged in Spanish class, STEAM, and music. Daily P.E. classes will grow your child physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. In a high-energy environment, P.E. encourages motor development, coordination, fitness, and movement. Outdoor recess offers unstructured playtime, giving your child’s mind the space to rest and process information. We believe these are essential to learning at FWC!

The partnership between FWC parents and teachers fosters an environment for our students to develop as courageous leaders. Your child will learn to respect God, themselves, others and creation through a balance of academics, classroom responsibilities, and service to others. In their spiritually formative years, FWC Lower School students will practice leadership with a foundation of faith and service.

Dr. Allison Bearden

Lower School Head



Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education - Lindenwood University

Master of Arts in Educational Leadership - Lindenwood University

Doctorate of Education with an Emphasis in Andragogy - Lindenwood University