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College Counseling

Fort Worth Christian’s College Counseling team partners with your family in navigating the future ahead for your son or daughter. While a few of our graduates pursue gap years, a military career, or entrepreneurial pursuits, the vast majority of our students are on a university path. 100% of these students achieve acceptance into a wide variety of colleges and universities.While your student will have a strong academic foundation for success at the next level, we know the age-old questions will still linger in your child’s mind: “where will I go to college?” and “what do I major in?” In addition to offering personalized college counseling to every student, we assist our students in discovering the path God has for them. We guide you through the process, aiming to find the best fit colleges for your student's academic experience, interests, career goals, and God's calling in his/her life.

 Starting in Middle School and continuing in all four years of Upper School, our college counseling team develops strong relationships with our students who desire help in navigating this intimidating road. As we know, love, and value every student, we promise to do everything we can to help them confidently take that step into college life. We look forward to helping you!



College Planning Timeline

Kelly Cantrell

Director of College Counseling



  • Bachelor of Science - Abilene Christian University