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Carmen Adams Adams, Carmen Preschool Instructor 817-520-6503
Carmen Adams Adams, Carmen Elementary Teacher
Sherrie Alexander Alexander, Sherrie Director 817-520-6503
Nicholas Anderson Anderson, Nicholas Upper School Instructor
Cheryl Ashley Ashley, Cheryl Coach 817-520-6513
Shirley Atkinson Atkinson, Shirley Business office 817-520-6561
Jared Barber Barber, Jared Middle School Instructor and Coach
Ellie Bauder Bauder, Ellie
Mark Baur Baur, Mark
Allison Bearden Bearden, Allison Lower School Head 817-520-6503
Elizabeth Bell Bell, Elizabeth Lower School Instructor 817-520-6503
Jill Benfer Benfer, Jill Upper School Instructor 817-520-6501
Kent Benfer Benfer, Kent Upper School Instructor 817-520-6501
Melanie Birmingham Birmingham, Melanie Teacher 817-301-3571
Marjorie Blanco Blanco, Marjorie Teacher
Marcia Bordelon Bordelon, Marcia Theatre Director 817-520-6503
Heather Breeding Breeding, Heather Upper School Cardinal Learning Center & Coach 817-520-6501
Tyler Brooks Brooks, Tyler Security 817-520-6200
Stephanie Brownlow Brownlow, Stephanie Lower School Administrative Assistant 817-520-6503
Sharon Bryant Bryant, Sharon Upper School Instructor 817-520-6501
Ashley Burwell Burwell, Ashley Preschool Instructor
Kelly Cantrell Cantrell, Kelly College Counseling Director 817-520-6501
Janet Carter Carter, Janet Upper School Dean of Students 817-520-6501
Kinch Cato Cato, Kinch Assistant Head for Advancement 2253151788
Tyler Corso Corso, Tyler
Mary Cruse Cruse, Mary Lower School Instructor 817-520-6503
Frank Dale Dale, Frank Facilities Director 817-520-6200
Nichele Docken Docken, Nichele Middle School Instructor 817-988-0421
Jordan Elam Elam, Jordan Upper School Instructor 817-520-6501
John Evans Evans, John Coach 817-520-6513
Harrison Fausey Fausey, Harrison Upper School Instructor & Coach 817-520-6501
Randi Freeby Freeby, Randi Lower School Instructor 817-520-6503
Jenny Freytag Freytag, Jenny Athletics Administrative Assistant 817-520-6513
Sarah Fry Fry, Sarah
Charles Fulbright Fulbright, Charles Middle School Instructor 817-536-8264
Sherilyn Fulbright Fulbright, Sherilyn Middle School Dean of Students 817-520-6502
Leanna Garcia Garcia, Leanna Communications Director 817-520-6550
Stacey Gingles Gingles, Stacey Lower School Instructor 817-520-6503
Krista Glover Glover, Krista Middle School Instructor 817-520-6502
Elizabeth Green Green, Elizabeth Principal 817-520-6503
Michelle Griffith Griffith, Michelle
Brady Gunn Gunn, Brady Coach
Maurice Hairston Hairston, Maurice
Cherie Harris Harris, Cherie Lower School Instructor 817-520-6503
Andrew Hart Hart, Andrew Upper School Instructor & Coach 817-520-6501
Kerri Hart Hart, Kerri Middle School Instructor 817-520-6502
Stacie Hatchett Hatchett, Stacie Lower School Instructor 817-520-6503
Angelle Hebert Hebert, Angelle Upper School Instructor 985-414-2217
Caleb Hill Hill, Caleb
Nick Hinrichsen Hinrichsen, Nick Upper and Middle School Head 817-520-6501
Steve Holcomb Holcomb, Steve Upper School Instructor & Coach 817-520-6501
Elise Hooper Hooper, Elise Lower School Instructor 817-520-6503
Melanie Hurt Hurt, Melanie Upper School Instructor 817-520-6501
Rachel Hurt Hurt, Rachel Admissions Associate
Paige Jackson Jackson, Paige Physical Education
Corry Karlen Karlen, Corry Assistant Athletic Director & Athletic Trainer 817-520-6513
Carrie King King, Carrie Lower School Instructor 817-520-6503
Michelle Koedam Williamson Koedam Williamson, Michelle Upper & Middle School Counselor 817-520-6501
Scott Latham Latham, Scott
Misty Lowe Lowe, Misty Preschool Instructor 817-520-6503
Tamara Martin Martin, Tamara Counselor 817-520-6503
Clint Massey Massey, Clint Coach
Stephen Mawire Mawire, Stephen Coach
Mary McCracken McCracken, Mary LS Music/US Chorus Director
Lourdes McWithey McWithey, Lourdes High School Librarian 818-520-6200
Kent Means Means, Kent Associate Head of School 817-520-6200
Raylyn Means Means, Raylyn Receptionist
Elizabeth Miller Miller, Elizabeth Director of Admissions 817-520-6200
Laurie Mishio Mishio, Laurie Upper School Instructor 817-520-6501
Robert Mister Mister, Robert
Tiara Mitchell Mitchell, Tiara Coach 817-520-6513
Debi Moore Moore, Debi Upper School Instructor 817-520-6501
Lynda Morse Morse, Lynda Upper School Instructor 817-520-6501
Kristeen Nations Nations, Kristeen Lower School Instructor 817-520-6503
Lisa Neal Neal, Lisa Concessions Manager 817-520-6200
Candice Nichols Nichols, Candice Preschool Aide
Ryan Nicolello Nicolello, Ryan Fine Arts Director & Director of Bands 817-520-6503
Riley Olson Olson, Riley Assistant Director of Admissions
Misty Overman Overman, Misty Head of School
Sharon Owen Owen, Sharon Lower School Instructor ___-____
Janine Owens Owens, Janine Lower School Instructor 817-520-6503
Sheryl Picciolo Picciolo, Sheryl Upper School Instructor 817-520-6501
Jacob Pickle Pickle, Jacob Coach 817-520-6513
Laura Pritchard Pritchard, Laura Lower School Instructor 817-520-6503
Molly Pruner Pruner, Molly None 817-520-6501
Si Rasaphangthong Rasaphangthong, Si Maintenance 817-520-6200
Laura Rosenstein Rosenstein, Laura Upper School Instructor 817-520-6501
Andrea Rothschadl Rothschadl, Andrea Upper School Administrative Assistant 817-520-6501
Terry Ryan Ryan, Terry Cardinal Store Manager 817-520-6520
Kelle Samsill Samsill, Kelle Lower School Instructor 817-520-6503
Bethany Sanderson Sanderson, Bethany Upper School Instructor
Daysha Sanford Sanford, Daysha Camp Director
Nate Sanford Sanford, Nate Athletic Director and Head Football Coach
Louise Scanes Scanes, Louise Cardinal Store
Catherine Scheurle Scheurle, Catherine Lower School Instructor 817-520-6503
Timothy Schiel Schiel, Timothy Director of IT
Jayce Senter Senter, Jayce Library Director 817-520-6503
Wanda Shantz Shantz, Wanda Coach 817-520-6513
Melissa Sherrod Sherrod, Melissa Lower School PreK teacher
Sara Short Short, Sara RN
JoAlice Sims Sims, JoAlice Hospitality 122
Lauren Smeds Smeds, Lauren Associate Athletic Director and coach 817-520-6513
Jarrett Smith Smith, Jarrett
Steve Story Story, Steve Orchestra Director
Lisa Tackett Tackett, Lisa Lower School Instructor 817-520-6503
Vanessa Tate Tate, Vanessa Lower School Instructor 817-520-6503
Steve Tefertiller Tefertiller, Steve
Kelly Tenery Tenery, Kelly Middle School Instructor 817-520-6502
Barbara Treat Treat, Barbara Upper School Instructor 817-520-6501
Whitney Van Hoose Van Hoose, Whitney Upper School Instructor 817-520-6501
Hayley VanderGaast VanderGaast, Hayley Retail - Cardinal Store 817-307-2608
Randy Vaughn Vaughn, Randy Enrollment Management 817-520-6200
Colby Wallis Wallis, Colby Middle School Instructor 817-520-6502
Kinsey Wallis Wallis, Kinsey Middle School Instructor 817-520-6502
Marilyn Webb Webb, Marilyn Accounts Receivable 817-520-6200
Kelly White White, Kelly Lower School Instructor & Drill Team Director 817-520-6503
Jana Wiant Wiant, Jana Lower School Instructor 817-285-3250
Casey Williams Williams, Casey Coach
Michelle Williamson Williamson, Michelle Counselor
Aimee Woodward Woodward, Aimee Middle School Administrative Assistant
Cyndi Worsham Worsham, Cyndi Nurse 817-520-6503
Jenna Zagala Zagala, Jenna Middle School Instructor