We are excited to announce that Clemente Sosa will be our new Cardinal Head Baseball Coach for the 2019-20 school year.

Coach Sosa served as our middle school coach and assistant varsity coach this past year. Coach Sosa graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in the Bronx where he played baseball all four years. He then played Division I baseball and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Iona College in New York. During those years he also attended the New York Mets MLB Instructional School. He then played and coached baseball in the NYPD league while he served as a homicide detective in New York City. He also owned and operated a baseball training organization for young children through professional players. Since arriving in Texas, he has served as a Youth Academy Trainer/Coach with the Texas Rangers.

He and his wife, Kelly, have Jeremy, a senior at the University of Albany, and Christian, a 4th grader. We have seen all three at most of the games as baseball is a family affair for the Sosa’s! Coach grew up the son of a pastor; his dad served as a pastor for 40 years in Harlem, NY. Clemente, inspired by his father and led by the Lord, served as a pastor at his own church in the Bronx for 3 and half years.

Coach Sosa loves Christ as his Lord and Savior, loves and is blessed to invest in students, particularly student-athletes in baseball, and has a 30 year plus love of the game of baseball. It is with joy and honor that I announce him as our new head baseball coach.