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Mission, Vision, Values


Fort Worth Christian is a Christ-centered, college preparatory school where every student is known, loved, and valued, taught excellence in and out of the classroom, and empowered by a biblical worldview. 


It is our prayer that every student and graduate of Fort Worth Christian is empowered for a lifetime of faith, service, and leadership for Christ.

Cultural Values

The following values define the cultural behaviors and attitudes for which we aspire and seek to recognize and celebrate in our Cardinal students and staff at Fort Worth Christian. Claiming our salvation by grace, we acknowledge the full exhibition of these values is only possible by the Spirit of God. We honor the Word of God and find these values consistent with Scripture, both in the consistent love of God but also seen in the lives of individuals who serve the Lord.

  • C - Courageous Leadership
  • A- Always Learning and Growing
  • R - Respect for God, Self, Others, & Creation
  • D - Distinctive by Design
  • S - Spirit of Joyful Service