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Sophomore Shares His FWC Experiences, His Faith, and His Passion

February 22, 2021
By FWC Story Team

Recently, Sophomore Jake Rice of Southlake was willing to give us insight into the impact FWC has made on his life. 

Let’s begin with Faith.

Jake begins, “I love that we as a school celebrate Jesus every day!  With everything that is going on in the world today, it’s truly a blessing to be able to pray with classmates and teachers.  Everyone at FWC (students, teachers, and administration) is very welcoming, loving, supportive, and encouraging every day.”

When asked how has he grown in his faith as a result of attending FWC, Jake replied, “I’m more giving, caring, helpful, and confident in the Word."

“Here at FWC, we have the opportunity to spend one week a year giving back to the community somewhere in the world.  Even though I’ve lived in a foreign country and have traveled internationally, traveling with FWC on service week was a very powerful experience that I will always remember.  To be honest, I thought this trip was going to be like every other overnight school trip.  Much to my surprise, I came home from my trip to Ecuador with a different perspective of the world, my school, and even myself."

Rice continues, "I was traveling with a group of upperclassmen that I did not know. What could have been an intimidating experience ended up being the most amazing group of individuals? I found each to be loving, caring, patient, compassionate, servant-hearted, and godly.  We worked well as a team and accomplished many goals for the villages. Whether we were moving furniture or even stones for a wall, cleaning up, leading VBS, or playing soccer with the local kids, we all became closer as we spread God’s love and message.  We were making a difference in the world. My faith and love for God grew stronger by serving Him in a new place and in a new way.  It is such a blessing that FWC offers this wonderful opportunity to serve our Lord and Savior.”

At FWC, our mission statement includes the goal that “every student is known, loved, and valued.”  We wanted to know if this was true for Jake. 

"I am certainly not just another name or number. Each day when I enter the school’s halls, I feel that I am known, loved, and valued as a person.  Last year during the start of COVID-19, students transitioned to online learning.  My teachers were all so amazing.  They worked so hard to make sure each of us was OK emotionally and spiritually while teaching us academically.  Even under these circumstances, the FWC teachers still found the time and ways to encourage me to chase my passion.”

When returning to campus this past fall, Jake was surprised that three of his teachers from last year remembered that he had a 3D printer. They each wanted to know what I had been creating and inventing since last school year.

“FWC teachers really want the students to learn and be successful. Each is willing to put their time into teaching and to set each of us up for success. They continue to be amazing, encouraging, and supportive year after year.  I am truly blessed, and I know I’m not the only one that feels “known, loved and valued” — my friends feel the same way.  We students are really benefiting from our school’s mission statement.”

One of the values of FWC is EXCELLENCE in and out of the classroom.  When asked what he has excelled at, Jake said this…

“Four years ago, when I got my first 3D printer, I was fascinated that I could take a spool of plastic and print any plastic object I’d dream of or need. I was hooked immediately.  Since that day, my passion and knowledge of 3D printing continue to grow.”

This past summer, a very good friend of Jake's gave him the opportunity to design and print couplings for his boat. He was updating 15 light fixtures and couldn’t find anything that would fit properly.  "I pulled out my caliper and computer, took a few measurements, and came up with a design to print.  After that success, I have the pleasure of working with several other boaters with their lighting needs as well.  I have also designed a prototype of a fishing accessory for one of my teachers. In addition, I am working on getting a couple of my inventions to the marketplace."

“Helping people come up with designs and solutions to meet their needs is very rewarding. I am now sharing my passion and knowledge with the FWC engineering/robotics teacher, so our school can incorporate more 3D printing into the classroom. I’d love to see an FWC 3D printer up and constantly running in every grade from Kindergarten to high school. I’m here to help!”

Jake, we are so proud of you and love that you and your family are FWC Cardinals!