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Board of Trustees

Cal Smallwood '98 , Chairman

Certified Public Accountant

My deep hope for FWC is that our students will leave with a strong faith in Christ having been equipped with the necessary tools and skills to pursue their dreams.

Luke Alverson, Vice Chair

Executive Attorney/Chief Legal Officer

My deep hope is that FWC students will know and claim their identity in Christ and clearly see God's plan for them now and in the future.

Beth Bachmann

Medical Sales

My deep hope for students is that they strive for excellence in everything they do. I hope that each student draws closer with God through their commitment with the community and each other.

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Dr. Scott Bedichek


My deep hope is that each student will finish at FWC with the knowledge, wisdom, and faith needed to participate in God's Kingdom as it breaks into the Earth.

Christy Cate

K12 Educator, Technology Consultant

My Deep Hope for FWC students is that they grow spiritually, they thrive academically, and they give grace abundantly.

Sarah Kight


My Deep Hope for FWC students is that they would be stretched/challenged/built up in every classroom, practice field, gym and facility on campus; that they would not only be engaged academically, but have their minds and eyes opened to who Jesus Christ is as Lord and Savior and His unconditional love for each of them; and that they would leave FWC "empowered for a lifetime of faith, service, and leadership for Christ".

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Justin Malone '04


My Deep Hope for all FWC students is for them to lead purposeful and faithful lives, to seek opportunities to serve others, and to feel confident in their ability to make a positive and lasting impact on the world.

Stacey Pearson

Owner, Pearson Air

My deep hope for FWC students is that they will know that Jesus loves them deeply and that they are loved by God's people unconditionally.

Joe Don Ridgell


My deep hope for FWC students is that they understand the deep love that God, the Father, has for them and they love others (classmates, teachers, administrators, family) in the same way.

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Mark Ude


My deep hope for FWC students is that they develop character skills anchored and guided by their Christian faith and by experiences with their classmates, teachers, coaches, and school leaders. After graduating from FWC, students can carry these skills and experiences into the world to embrace God’s plan for them and to make meaningful impacts on the lives of others.

Dr. Nate Williams


My deep hope for FWC students is that they wholeheartedly embrace a life pursuit of Christ-inspired living.