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Fort Worth Christian is a Christ-centered, college preparatory school where every student is known, loved, and valued, taught excellence in and out of the classroom, and empowered by a biblical worldview. 



It is our prayer that every student and graduate of Fort Worth Christian is empowered for a lifetime of faith, service, and leadership for Christ.


Cultural Values

The following values define the cultural behaviors and attitudes for which we aspire and seek to recognize and celebrate in our Cardinal students and staff at Fort Worth Christian. Claiming our salvation by grace, we acknowledge the full exhibition of these values is only possible by the Spirit of God. We honor the Word of God and find these values consistent with Scripture, both in the consistent love of God but also seen in the lives of individuals who serve the Lord.

With Jesus as our best example, courageous leaders selflessly and intentionally act with integrity to achieve the most excellent solution to any challenge, often persevering counter-culturally.

Because our world is ever-changing and we are a college preparatory school, our staff and students continue transforming in Christ, pursuing truth and wisdom, and acquiring the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to excel in the present and to be ready for the future.

This Christ-centered value is central and foundational to who we want to be. When we show respect, all the other cultural values flow from this posture of humility. Empowered with a countercultural biblical worldview, we are called to steward honor toward our Creator above all else. In humility, we serve others from a place of confidence in our identity in God’s love for us. Finally, this propels us to respond responsibly to everything else God has made and given to us, including the unique spiritual gifts He gives to each of us.

Made in the image of God and saved by His grace, we fruitfully live in the world, influenced by Scripture, with our attitudes and behaviors reflecting heaven on earth. While not conforming to the patterns of this world, we shine like stars and live as salt and light so that others may praise our Father in Heaven. 

Out of gratitude for God’s demonstrated love and the power of the resurrection, we worship and serve our God in response to His mercy. Just as Christ emptied himself as a servant, we joyfully go the extra mile, serving the needs of others in our school, our community, and our world.