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Welcome Guide

Welcome to the Fort Worth Christian School family!  This webpage will serve as a guide to help you transition into the Cardinal community.

Contact Information

Link to Contact Names/Numbers


An online resource for Parents to access their children's academic information, assignments, make tuition payments and more. The school code is FWC-TX. The link is located in the bottom right corner of all FWC web pages and for your convenience below.
Link to Log In Page

All school, grade level, and classroom announcements and information will be sent via email. Teachers also communicate directly with parents via email. To help reduce the amount of emails sent, a weekly eNews is sent from the Director of Communications with announcements, reminders, and calendar events for the upcoming week.
Link to eNews & Board Briefs

Text Messages
Urgent messages, and sometimes last minute schedule changes, are often sent to parents by text message via a RenWeb product called Parent Alert.

Social Media
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Campus Security

All doors will be locked 30 minutes after you drop off and pick up your child. During school hours you must use the front door of each building. Press the buzzer to request entry and the office staff will electronically release the door lock for you to enter. At that time please stop by the office and present your driver's license and receive a visitor's badge. You will then check out by turning in your badge when you leave. This procedure helps us ensure your child's safety.

Library Hours

Elementary School
Jayce Senter, Librarian
Parents should accompany their child before or after school.
Monday                 7:30-4:00
Tuesday                 7:45-3:30
Wednesday           7:45-3:30
Thursday               7:30-4:00
Friday                     7:45-3:30

Middle School
Cindy Graves, Librarian
Monday - Friday   7:00-4:00

High School
Trish Pieper, Librarian
Monday - Friday   7:15-4:00

Cardinal Store

Located here on campus, our store sells many items for your convenience. Shool uniforms (formerly labeled "Parker") are sold throughout the year. Uniform requirements by campus are outlined in our student handbook, found on Quick Links.

Store Hours
Monday         7:15-4:00
Tuesday        7:15-10:15, 2:30-4:00
Wednesday  7:15-10:15, 2:30-4:00
Thursday      7:15-10:15, 2:30-4:00
Friday            7:15-4:00

Store Phone Number

Cardinal Red
Every Friday during the school year students may wear their Cardinal Red T-shirt with uniform bottoms. A new T-shirt is designed each year, however previous year's shirts may be worn.

Link to Store Webpage

Klubhouse Child Care

A licensed daycare that is available to students before and after school is located right here on our FWC campus. Full time or drop-in times are an option. This is not included in tuition.

Link to Klubhouse Information