Theatre Arts

The theater department is a place for students to gain confidence, an appreciation of the arts and a respect for their peers. 


Middle School

Drama is available for 7th or 8th grade students as an elective.

High School

Level 1 - Beginner theater students will focus on creating ensemble, theater vocabulary basics, character development and creating an appreciation for the theater. The objective of this class is to have an appreciation for theater, have a basic understanding of how it works as well as a solid idea of how an actor creates a character from the text of a playwright. The goal is to give each student a chance to experience a little bit of each aspect of the stage in hopes they find some part that they enjoy. The class spends the majority of the first nine weeks creating ensemble and trust among themselves through games, acting activities and improvisation exercises. The major project of the first semester will be the story telling unit. Here the students learn how theater came about and why storytelling is essential to our culture and the arts. Students will then cover the Stanislavski acting method and apply objective to a scene. They will end the year with a culminating project where they will write, film, edit and act in their own movie. 

Level 2 - Students study the art of directing and design alongside building on top of what we learned about objective and character development the first year. In the second semester, students will delve deeper into the majority of acting methods including Stanislavski, Meisner, Cohen, Hagen and Spolin. 

Extra-Curricular - The department produces three shows a year including a musical and two one act competition shows. The department also has a chapter of the International Thespian Society. Students involved in this department are invited to a yearly Texas Thespian conference as well as have a chance for early admission and auditions for college and scholarships.

The students at FWC have taken an ownership of this department and have called it their own. This is a place for those students to find their niche and where they belong. It is a time to develop essential skills that not only open their eyes to a new world but will allow them to become successful in their careers as well.