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Shaping Lives that Change the World

Our academic teams, both middle and high school, compete each year in various competitions. Tryouts are held to find the best person for each event, and practice is required on a weekly basis to ensure everyone is adequately prepared.

Elective credit can be obtained in high school by participating in the academic competitions. This includes weekly-designated practice time with coaches and participation in all competitions for your particular events.

Texas Christian Schools Interscholastic Tournament (TCSIT) is held in Abilene on the ACU campus in the spring each year.  This competition has been held over 30 years. This is the only competition that includes Bible reading and Bible knowledge. Currently there are 12 different schools throughout Texas competing each year.

Texas Association of Parochial and Private Schools (TAPPS) is an oral and written competition between other 4A TAPPS schools. This is a very important event as it contributes points that go toward the Henderson Cup, a TAPPS award, to the school that accumulates the most points throughout the year for all TAPPS events.

One Act Play is a 40-minute play including costumes and sets. TAPPS OAP competition will be in the fall, and TCSIT OAP will be in the spring.

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