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Shaping Lives that Change the World
  Name Title
Sherrie Alexander Alexander, Sherrie Klubhouse Director
Jessika Allen Allen, Jessika Instructor
Ashley Allison Allison, Ashley Instructor
Sandy Allred Allred, Sandy Counselor
Courtney Amason Amason, Courtney Cardinal Store
Aaron Andress Andress, Aaron Instructor & Coach
Cheryl Ashley Ashley, Cheryl Coach
Shirley Atkinson Atkinson, Shirley Director of Admissions
Mark Baur Baur, Mark Instructor
Jill Benfer Benfer, Jill Instructor
Kent Benfer Benfer, Kent Instructor
Marti Biles Biles, Marti Administrative Assistant to Principal
Sharon Bryant Bryant, Sharon Instructor
Michael Campbell Campbell, Michael Principal
Kelly Cantrell Cantrell, Kelly Dir of College Counseling and Alumni
Janet Carter Carter, Janet Counselor
Kelly Cawyer Cawyer, Kelly Instructor
Kim Chapman Chapman, Kim Instructor
Ken Cheeseman Cheeseman, Ken President
Adam Clay Clay, Adam Instructor
Kenan Clay Clay, Kenan Computer Tech
Mary Lou Crist Crist, Mary Lou Director of Fine Arts/Choral Music Director
Tina Crouch Crouch, Tina Instructor
Mary Cruse Cruse, Mary Instructor
Joshua Duke Duke, Joshua Instructor & Coach
Michele Dunlap Dunlap, Michele Coach
Darren Edwards Edwards, Darren Coach
Jordan Elam Elam, Jordan Instructor
Kim Engel Engel, Kim Cardinal Store
Natalie Fabela Fabela, Natalie Coach
Randi Freeby Freeby, Randi Instructor
Jenny Freytag Freytag, Jenny Athletic Secretary
Sherilyn Fulbright Fulbright, Sherilyn Instructor
Leanna Garcia Garcia, Leanna Technology/RenWeb
Jason Gillum Gillum, Jason Instructor
Krista Glover Glover, Krista Cardinal Store
Elizabeth Green Green, Elizabeth Principal
Brady Gunn Gunn, Brady Coach
Cherie Harris Harris, Cherie Instructor
Andrew Hart Hart, Andrew
Nancy Hart Hart, Nancy Instructor
Stacie Hatchett Hatchett, Stacie Instructor
Kim Hendershot Hendershot, Kim Instructor
Jimmy Hensley Hensley, Jimmy Instructor
Steve Holcomb Holcomb, Steve Instructor and Coach
Elise Hooper Hooper, Elise Instructor
Bryan Hunter Hunter, Bryan Instructor & Coach
Melanie Hurt Hurt, Melanie Instructor
Suzan Jenkins Jenkins, Suzan Special Events Director
Rod Johnson Johnson, Rod Instructor & Coach
Corry Karlen Karlen, Corry Coach
Bob Keyes Keyes, Bob Coach
Carrie King King, Carrie Instructor
Joe Koenig Koenig, Joe Instructor
Joel Kulp Kulp, Joel Instructor
DeAnn Logan Logan, DeAnn Instructor
Debbie Loy Loy, Debbie Receptionist
Colin Madding Madding, Colin Principal
Ali Maddox Maddox, Ali Instructor
Tamara Martin Martin, Tamara Counselor
Andrea McGaughey McGaughey, Andrea Administrative Assistant in MS
Debra Mead Mead, Debra Instructor
Daren Miller Miller, Daren Instructor
Kylie Miller Miller, Kylie Teacher
Laurie Mishio Mishio, Laurie Instructor
Debi Moore Moore, Debi Instructor
Kristeen Nations Nations, Kristeen Instructor
Lisa Neal Neal, Lisa Concessions Manager
Kristin Nelson Nelson, Kristin Counselor
Ryan Nicolello Nicolello, Ryan Instructor
Sharon Owen Owen, Sharon Instructor
Janine Owens Owens, Janine Instructor
Tricia Pieper Pieper, Tricia Librarian
Brittany Polk Polk, Brittany Cheer Coach
Laura Powell Powell, Laura Instructor
Jeff Quinn Quinn, Jeff Coach
Si Rasaphangthong Rasaphangthong, Si Maintenance
Chase Robertson Robertson, Chase Coach
Laura Rosenstein Rosenstein, Laura Instructor
Andrea Rothschadl Rothschadl, Andrea Receptionist
Terry Ryan Ryan, Terry Cardinal Store
Cheryl Scott Scott, Cheryl
Jayce Senter Senter, Jayce Library Director
Wanda Shantz Shantz, Wanda Coach
Scott Smiley Smiley, Scott Athletic Director
Joan Smith Smith, Joan Instruction Tech Specialist
Julie Snyder Snyder, Julie Instructor
Lisa Tackett Tackett, Lisa Instructor
Mylene Tansey Tansey, Mylene Instructor
Marcia Tapp Tapp, Marcia Instructor
Kelly Tenery Tenery, Kelly Instructor
Jeremy Thornton Thornton, Jeremy Director of Spiritual Life
Barbara Treat Treat, Barbara Instructor
Whitney Van Hoose Van Hoose, Whitney Instructor
Randy Vaughn Vaughn, Randy
Laura Waldron Waldron, Laura Instructor
Kinsey Wallis Wallis, Kinsey Instructor
Marilyn Webb Webb, Marilyn Accounts Receivable
Kelly White White, Kelly Instructor
Angie Whitten Whitten, Angie Nurse
Molly Williams Williams, Molly Teacher
Cyndi Worsham Worsham, Cyndi Nurse
Kaitlin Zorich Zorich, Kaitlin