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Shaping Lives that Change the World

Cardinal Service Week

Preparing Students for a Life of Service

Cardinal Service Week was established to support the mission of Fort Worth Christian School and more importantly the Great Commission. Through unique service opportunities, students will see the world as Jesus intended. Students will serve in one of the following areas: campus, community, city, state, nation, or world.

Costa Rica

29 students will work with local missionaries to completely construct a house for a local family in need. Other service opportunities will also be present throughout our stay including working with local children and VBS.


28 students will work with the Azul Wasi orphanage just outside of town doing light construction work and VBS with kids. They will also have the opportunity to work in a local clinic for disabled and special needs youth.

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New York

27 students will work with local mission organizations to serve the inner city community through outreach programs and food banks.

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Glorieta, NM

17 students will work with and inside a Christian summer camp. Work will include trail maintenance, light construction, painting and building projects. Team building and devotionals will also be a part of the student experience.

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14 students will work in and around Cookson Hills Christian Haven for Children. This organization ministers to at-risk youth in Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Work will include clean up, light construction, and facility maintenance.

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Downtown Fort Worth

30-40 student volunteers will serve those in poverty and meet needs in partnership with various outreach organizations in Fort Worth.

Community Enrichment Center

20 student volunteers will inspect, clean, sort, stock, select, and box food for neighbors requesting food. SCRS volunteers will greet and assist customers, help with retail tasks, sort, organize and stock a variety of items.

Christ's Haven for Children

16-20 students will work in and around Christ's Haven for Children. This organization ministers to at-risk youth. Work will include clean up, light construction, and facility maintenance.

NRH Parks & Recreation

75 student volunteers will build fencing, assist in park painting, and general assistance to the NRH Parks and Rec Department.

NRH Neighborhood Services

30 student volunteers will work in the local community completing tasks as requested of the department by individuals who cannot do these tasks on their own.

FWC Campus

50 student volunteers will have projects in and around the FWC campus. Current plans include construction of a Prayer Garden and aesthetic changes to the walls of the high school hallways.