Please join us in the Fort Worth Christian School Annual Fund.

The FWC Annual Fund was created to cover the GAP between tuition and the ACTUAL cost to educate students. While our students are experiencing a tremendous education, every year brings new opportunities and new challenges.

By supporting the FWC Annual Fund:
- The more our teachers can hone their knowledge and skills through professional development.
- The more need based financial assistance we can offer our families.
- The more abundantly we can address our highest priorities, for example: new safety features, cutting edge technology and campus improvements.

The Annual Fund is about participation at any level.

Every gift is important. -- Every dollar is tax deductible. -- Make an impact! -- Leave a legacy!

Please pray for the success of the FWC Annual Fund!

"And may the Lord our God show His approval and make our efforts successful, yes make our efforts successful." Psalm 90:17

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